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Parameters in TETRA-system


System parametres for manufacturer, and operator

In TETRA-system  there is many kind of parameters in separate parts of the system. 
Some parameters are  in the heart of the system and the userorganisation can't  adjust them. 
Some parameters in the system are those that the operator has rights for.parametering.

System parametres for user-organisation

In TETRA-system there is also parameters that the user-organisation has rights for adjusting. Those are for 
examble parameters for talkgroups and radioterminals.

Terminal parameters

There is also many parameters outside of the system. Every radioterminal has their own parameters depending 
on the use of the terminal. Those parameters are depending on the mark and model of the terminal.

TETRAon can help You to plan the parameters

If You want to use Your system in the right way, 

the parameters in every place has to set right!

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