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Jari Wilén

Mr Jari Wilén has performed the duties of the Emergency Response Centres since 1982 in the Middle Finland. From the year 1999 he has start his career with TETRA , the network name in Finland is VIRVE . The first duty was to be a TETRA Head User of the Rescue Services in the Ministry of the Interior. After that in the Year of 2003 he got an invitation to the post of the TETRA Head User of the Emergency Response Centre Agency of Finland.

From the June 2003 he has been in his present job. His responsibilities were in the beginning; talk group planning, radio subscriber planning, radio parametering/programming and in the network, the organization parametering/programming. Making the rules for ERC; “How to use VIRVE” was also in his responsibility. In addition to this he is a member of the nation wide group of the Finnish TETRA head users of the safety and security organisations. He is also a member of the group which job is to make training documents (handbook) of using VIRVE. The group has members from every safety and security authorities in Finland.

Before that he has been a Super User in MoI (Ministry of the Interior) Fire and Rescue department from 1999. His responsibilities were rather same than in his present job, because Fire and Rescue was one of the first VIRVE-users in Finland rather same time as Police starts using VIRVE. He has been involved in Finnish TETRA –system over 9 years and in Emergency Response Centre work over 25 years. Since 1982 he started in Jyväskylä ERC as Communication chief (hälytysmestari in Finnish). His responsibilities were the operational leading of the ERC, and of course the financial tasks of the operation staff.

In 1991 he got an invitation to participate the nation wide project of the MoI, the ERC-project that had the goal of four Pilot-Emergency Response Centres in Finland . One of this pilot-ERC was the ERC of the Middle-Finland in Jyväskylä. In April 1996 started the four Pilot-ERCs. He got a new job as the Communication Chief of the ERC of Middle-Finland, he had 28 employees and the responsibilities was rather same than before.

In the beginning of 1999 he had an opportunity to take part in TETRA as Head User of Fire and Rescue department of the Ministry of the Interior. Now he is on that way. Beside his headwork, he has a part-time job in the Rescue Depertment of Middle-Finland; he is a leader of the rescue unit. Annually he is taking part of the World Champion ship rally, The Neste Oil Rally of Finland as Head of Rescue Operations in Event Safety department, responsibilies are rescueservices and communication.

In last ten years he has worked closely together with TETRA MoU and with different authorities around the world. He has been spoken in some different seminars and conferences globally.

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